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***after hour sewer emergencies: 558-6900

The Municipal Authority of Lower Swatara Township acquires, constructs, improves and equips the sewer system and sewer-related facilities for public purposes and leases the sewer system to the Lower Swatara Township. There are approximately 43.5 miles of gravity sewer line and 3.0 miles of force main for a total of 46.5 miles of sanitary sewer line in the Township. Lower Swatara does not have its own treatment plant. The majority of discharge to the system is treated at the Highspire Wastewater Treatment Plant. The discharge from the eastern portion of the Township is treated at the Middletown Treatment Plant and the discharge from the northernmost portion of the Township is treated at the Southwest Treatment Plant located in Derry Township.


    Lester Lanman, Director of Public Works

    Tracey Bechtel, Administrative Assistant/Billing

    Tim Wargo -- Hoover Engineering, Sewage Enforcement Officer



Richard W. Wilkinson

Dan Magaro

Chet Hartz

Scott Spangler

Frank Popp

Josh Fox, P.E.

HRG (Engineers)
369 E. Park Dr.
Harrisburg, PA 17111

Peter R. Henninger (Solicitor)
Jones & Henninger, P.C.
339 W. Governor Rd.
Suite 201
Hershey, PA 17033



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Existing Sewer User Rates

  • Residential User Rate - $52.50 per month per EDU (equivalent Dwelling Unit)
  • Non-residential User rate - $52.50 per month per EDU (equivalent Dwelling Unit)
  • 1 EDU equals 217 gallons per day

Connection Fees: $500.00 For the construction of the stub and the inspection of the same from the Authority’s main sewer to the property line or curb stop.

Tapping Fees: Effective February 1, 2016, new tapping fees are as follows: for each existing improved residential property, the amount of the tapping fee is $3,650 and for each additional improved property, the amount of the fee shall be equal to the product of the number of equivalent dwelling units times $3,650. For each nonresidential improved property, the amount shall be determined on the basis of one EDU for each 217 gallons per day.  Usage based on water consumption.

Special Purpose Fees: $1,000 per EDU special purpose fee to be collected for connections in the Lumber Street and Burd Run Interceptors.

Reimbursement Fees: Reimbursement fees are collected and remitted to developers who participated in the financing and construction of the sewer line in certain areas of the Township. Most of the reimbursement fees are for connections whose flow is treated at the Southwest Treatment Plant in Derry Township. The rate per EDU varies between $162.00 per EDU and $368.00 per EDU.

Other Fees:

  • Inspection fee - $250.00 Previous lateral run from sewer system to edge of Township right-of-way has been installed by developer and previously inspected.
  • Mobile Home re-inspection fee - $50.00
  • Other re-inspection fee - $50.00 (sewer repair permit)




September 18

7 PM

Board of Commissioners Legislative Mtg.


September 23

7 PM

Municipal Authority Mtg.


September 25

7 PM

Zoning Hearing Board  -- CANCELLED

September 25

6:45 PM

Recreation Board Mtg.


September 26

7 PM

Planning Commission Mtg -- CANCELLED





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