Madison Smith, MS4 Supervisor



Citizens observing illicit discharge during normal office hours should contact Madison Smith, MS4 Supervisor, immediately at

(717) 939-9377, extension 3036. 

Observances after hours should be reported immediately by phoning

(717) 558-6900.


MS4 Advisory Committee Meeting Notes

June 12, 2018   (slides)

July 10, 2018 (slides)

September 18,2018

August 23, 2018

October 10, 2018










“What is Stormwater?” The video explains problems that can result from urban stormwater runoff and gives and brief overview of some common BMPs (rain gardens, rain barrels)


“Habits to Help” is a list of things homeowners can do to improve stormwater quality.





Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)
Stormwater Best Management Practices for Homeowners

Protecting Water Quality from Urban Runoff


County/State/Federal Links:

DEP -- Stormwater Link

DEP -- Stormwater Management

EPA -- Stormwater Program


Dauphin County Conservation District -- Stormwater Management









Please see plan and submission requirements checklist on the planning/zoning section. 

Uncontrolled stormwater runoff from construction sites can significantly impact our streams. Sediment in waterbodies from construction sites can reduce the amount of sunlight reaching aquatic plants, clog fish gills, smother aquatic habitat and spawning areas, and impede navigation.

In partnership with the Dauphin County Conservation District, and in association with our MS4 permit, Lower Swatara Township has a program to reduce pollutants in stormwater runoff to the MS4 for construction sites disturbing one or more acres. We have developed measures to comply with our permit:

  • An ordinance,
  • Requirements to implement erosion and sediment control best management practices (BMPs),
  • Requirements to control other waste at the construction site,
  • Procedures for reviewing construction site plans,
  • Procedures to receive and consider information submitted by the public, and
  • Procedures for inspections and enforcement of stormwater requirements at construction sites.

Most types of construction require local permits, and construction sites disturbing 1 or more acre of land may require additional permits.  Please contact Bob Greene, Planning and Zoning Coordinator, for more information regarding local construction permits.




As areas are developed, the amount of paved surfaces increase leading to an increase in stormwater volume and pollutants, which can harm our streams.

The best way to mitigate stormwater impacts from new development is to use practices that treat, store, and infiltrate runoff onsite before it can affect water bodies downstream. Innovative site designs that reduce paved surfaces, or imperviousness, and other green infrastructure practices are excellent ways to reduce flows and improve water quality.

In partnership with the Dauphin County Conservation District, and in association with our MS4 permit, Lower Swatara Township has a program to address post-construction stormwater runoff from new development and redevelopments that disturb one or more acres. The program includes:

  • strategies to implement a combination of structural and non-structural BMPs,
  • an ordinance to address post-construction runoff, and
  • a program to ensure adequate long-term operation and maintenance of BMPs.

Lower Swatara Township has been mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to establish an inspection program for various stormwater mitigation features (grass swales, infiltration trench/seepage pits, rain gardens, and storm water basins). Inspection of these features is a required part of the Township’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit program and will begin in 2016.  You may receive a notice from the Township indicating that you are required to provide evidence that your stormwater BMP is working.  Please cooperate with Township staff as we implement our stormwater program.  Any questions, please call Bob Greene, Planning and Zoning Coordinator (717-939-9377).



Preventing pollutants from entering a waterway is less expensive than restoring a waterway after it has been polluted. Therefore, Lower Swatara Township first focuses on preventing pollution before it happens. BMPs under each of the minimum measures, but especially under this pollution prevention category, focus on preventing pollutants from contacting stormwater.

Municipal activities such as winter road maintenance, minor road repairs, and other infrastructure work, automobile fleet maintenance, landscaping and park maintenance, and building maintenance can release pollutants into MS4s that ultimately discharge to nearby waterbodies. Municipal facilities can also be sources of stormwater pollutants if BMPs are not in place to contain spills, manage trash, and handle non-stormwater discharges. 

Sweeping parking lots and streets and cleaning storm drains can prevent pollutants from entering nearby waterways.

Lower Swatara Township has staff trained to prevent and reduce stormwater pollution from activities like maintaining MS4 infrastructure and performing daily municipal activities. This primarily includes:

  • Developing inspection and maintenance procedures and schedules for stormwater BMPs
  • Implementing BMPs to treat pollutants from transportation infrastructure, maintenance areas, storage yards, sand and salt storage areas
  • Establishing procedures for properly disposing of pollutants removed from the MS4
  • Identifying ways to incorporate water quality controls into new and existing flood management projects
  • Developing a training program for all municipal staff involved in activities that could discharge pollutants to the MS4
  • Developing standard operating procedures that incorporate stormwater BMPs for common municipal activities

Contact the Public Works Department with any questions or concerns.







The Township receives complaints every spring/summer season regarding grass clippings being blown into or dumped onto the street. Placing grass clippings in the street is a violation of Township ordinance, and can result in clogged sewer drains.


The Township, upon receiving a complaint or observing this violation, can cite the home owner/ business for this violation. We are requesting all property owners to dispose of their grass clippings in a  timely manner after cutting grass.


Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.






November 12

7 PM

MS4 Informational Mtg. for residential property owners

Mtg. to be held at LS Fire Dept., 1350 Fulling Mill Rd., Middletown

November 13

7 PM

Zoning Hearing Board

November 20


Board of Commissioners Legislative Mtg.

November 21

7 PM

Planning Commission Mtg.

November 25

7 PM

Municiapl Authority Mtg.

7:30 PM (or upon conclusion of the 7:00 mtg.)

Joint MS4 Mtg. of the Board of Commissioners and Municipal Authority


November 28, 29

Thanksgiving Holiday





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